Josie Guo Ling

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Made it Home!

Well, the trip home WAS hilacious as predicted - very long. The kiddos did well, just a long (friggin) time to be in the air and on the road. I was dileriously tired when we got home; we were pooped and happy. Thanks to our great neighbor friends and family that decked out our place with decorations. Ling Ling giggled when she first saw our overly rambunctious pups jumping all over us. They made fast friends and she is already feeding them and seeking them out from across the room - amazing.

We woke to Thanksgiving and a delicious meal from Oliver's that Cash's babysitter, Audra, put in the fridge the day before. Cash made a China adventure themed centerpiece on the table, Ling Ling fed the dogs crackers, and we enjoyed the day, as groggy as we were, together.


  1. She is precious! I read all your blogs and wa s very touched by them. I cried.
    You,Joel and Cash are blessed to have Josie a part of your family. Hope to bE able to see you soon and meet this beautiful little child.
    Love to you all, Linda

  2. Thanks to you Linda. It has been with you and other support that has made this process so wonderful to share. We are home with colds and laying low now. Seems part of the process too. I think Ling Ling and Cash are re-tooling so they can take on Penngrove!

  3. I really thought I had subscribed as a follower before, but hadn't seen updates in awhile. Your baby girl is precious! Hope all is going well!